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Lori Ellen has the rare ability to render the casual listener spellbound.  “The dreams woven in her lyrics inspire her journey and grip any audience lucky enough to attend,” wrote Americana Highways critic Andrew Blanton. Originally from Kalamazoo, Michigan, Lori is an Austin-based folk singer-songwriter who transforms her shadow into light as musical alchemy, and shares her song to empower others to do the same. She delivers steady, polished vocals backed by raw honesty that invite the listener into the fractured fairy tale of the human experience. Her heart forward lyrics draw out the gift from the wound, the cactus blossom from the desert. “When she sings, nature sings. She is and has the truth of a gift,” wrote Connor Charlton of The Absolution Train.  Her music has been compared to Joni Mitchell and Sarah Jarosz. Lori has traveled across the vast american landscape sharing her songs, with notable performances at Utopiafest and the legendary Cactus Cafe. 

About "Ghost" 

Lori Ellen often finds herself pulled to the wild, vast, and supernatural places of the American West. Drawing from the depths of the desert of her own personal story of grief, Lori breathes life from past memories into the ordinary objects of everyday life. With haunting harmonies and spaghetti western guitar, “Ghost” conjures up inspiration from the ghost towns of the human heart. 


The music for “Ghost” was written by Lori Ellen. 

The lyrics were co-written by Lori Ellen and Justin Huddleston 

“Ghost” was recorded at Cooleyland in Mollusk, Virginia

Back up harmonies and instrumentals performed by Shane Cooley

Engineered and mixed by Shane Cooley

Mastered by Fred Kevorkian


Baby I'll be your cigarette, to kiss your lips one last time 

But you had the nerve to quit, and let the ashes die 

You thought you'd never hear the end of it

About the stench on your breath, but in case you get one more lit 

Oh, I'll be your cigarette 

Let me live in your fireplace, I'll be a log to keep you warm

But an old flame cannot replace a lover in your arms 

If you're feelin the cool embrace of a night growing dark 

I'll still be in your fireplace with a log to keep you warm 

I'm merely just a fly on the wall, or a one sided call till I crawl out the back of your mind 

I'm merely just the creak in the floor or the closet door 

Something you weren't looking to find 

Maybe you'll fumble with a photograph and have a laugh

Think of how things might have been

Until then, until then, I'll see you in your dreams 

It's the only place you'll agree to meet me 

Baby I'll be your guitar for to feel your fingers touch but it'd never get that far 

Your strings are collecting dust cause baby you've got a family 

No time to play all that much but in case you pick it up 

Oh I'll be your guitar 

You said you'd never move on, but time's a filthy liar and life is for getting on

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